7 Best Meme Coins to Buy Now for 10x Gains

The meme coin market is taking centre stage in the crypto market, with several projects surging over 100% in the past week, and much more gains expected.

With this in mind, we have compiled a list of the best meme coins to buy now, we consider price, hype, community, narratives and more. Let’s dig in.

Meme Kombat 

Meme Kombat is a new GambleFi utility token-cross meme coin that offers holders multiple ways to earn crypto. The project is currently undergoing a presale so investors can get in from the ground up.

It has already raised over $7 million, indicating tremendous community interest. 

The platform lets users wager on AI-generated battles between meme coin characters. It offers various game modes and leverages traditional odds mechanics, creating a realistic and captivating gambling experience.

Furthermore, Meme Kombat hosts an augmented battle arena where users can watch and bet on fights up close. This provides a unique, gamified alternative to traditional crypto gambling while still benefiting from the same utility and high excitement.

Users will gamble with the $MK token, providing a steady and predictable demand stream that could help prop up its price. Moreover, the platform offers staking, enabling holders to compound their investments while furthering its demand.

This innovative use case has drawn immense optimism from expert analysts, with Michael Wrubel recently speculating it could be the “Next 100x meme gaming token.”

But after raising over $7 million with a $10 million hard cap, the presale is selling out fast, so those looking to buy the Meme Kombat presale must act quickly.


After pumping 46% today and 146% this week, Myro is gaining significant notoriety in the meme coin market. The project has recently garnered the number 2 spot on CoinMarketCap’s trending list and recently overtaken BSC’s leading meme coin Baby Doge Coin, by market cap.

Myro has experienced massive success recently, up 5,497% since November. Currently priced at $0.2189, the project holds a $205 million market cap, making it the 229th largest crypto.

myro chart

However, its 24-hour trading volume is $98 million, putting it in the 67th highest spot. This indicates that Myro is gathering significant momentum and provides room for notable price growth.

Myro is the third-largest meme coin on Solana, following Bonk and Dogwifhat. Currently, Bonk holds a $815 million market cap, and Dogwifhat holds a $433 million market cap.

This gives Myro notable room for growth, but is intensified due to its utility advantages over the other Solana meme coins.

For instance, Myro has already launched a trading bot that quickly lets users snipe new tokens on the Solana blockchain. Its website also explains plans to implement new utilities, including staking and other features that serve its community’s needs.

Sponge V2

Amid the meme coin mania in the summer of 2023, an unassuming imitation of SpongeBob SquarePants called Sponge rallied to a $100 million market cap and bagged early investors a 100x ROI.

The project also amassed listings on over ten leading exchanges, 13K holders, and 30K social media followers in its first few days.

Sponge has also seen a staggering 7x growth since November as the broader market conditions have picked up. However, the Sponge team is back to absorb the bull market liquidity with a second rendition, Sponge V2.

sponge v2

The token comes with new utility in a Play-to-Earn (P2E) racing game and strives for “bigger and better exchanges.”

Sponge V2’s P2E utility will see the token benefit from a new demand stream, helping stabilize its price and ensure long-term sustainable growth.

Meanwhile, the team’s ambition for bigger exchanges and its track record could propel Sponge V2 to listings on tier-one platforms like Binance or Coinbase.

YouTuber Crypto Gains recently speculated that Sponge V2 could “100x like the first one did.”

Currently, Sponge V2 is undergoing a prelaunch buy and stake campaign, providing traders with a second shot at 100x gains where they can get in from the ground up.

The campaign is live on the Sponge.vip website and $SPONGEV2 purchases will be locked in the staking contract and earn an additional yield until the campaign ends.


Dogwifhat is another trending Solana meme coin. Currently, WIF is the second-largest meme coin on Solana, following Bonk. But with a market cap almost half of Bonk’s size and growing bullish momentum, WIF looks to outperform Solana’s top dog.

The project is priced at $0.4277, up 13.78% today, 82.15% this week and 155.25% this month. It holds a market cap of $428 million, making it the 125th largest crypto.

Meanwhile, it has a $148 million 24-hour trading volume, putting it in the 47th spot. Like Myro, its volume to market cap ratio illustrates massive interest, bolstering its chances of an uptrend continuation.

cmc chart

Dogwifhat also created a new ATH earlier today, putting it in price discovery mode and opening the door to a potential significant uptick in price.

Leading exchange Kucoin also recently listed Dogwifhat, providing the token with more eyeballs and making it easily accessible to beginner investors. The move also boosted speculation of a potential Coinbase or Binance listing to follow.

One of the main differences between Dogwifhat and Myro is that Dogwifhat is devoted to traditional meme coin values. As per its website, Dogwifhat  is “literally just a dog wif a hat.”

Shiba Inu

Investors seeking a lower risk meme coin with a longer track record should consider Shiba Inu. 

SHIB launched in August 2020 but reached the pinnacle of meme coin prosperity in 2021, garnering a $43 billion market cap. Currently priced at $0.000009432, SHIB is down 89% from its ATH with a $5.5 billion market cap. This provides room for almost a 10x if it recovers.

The Shiba Inu price is down 1.37% in the last day, 8.53% this week and 3.42% this month. 

One of the exciting factors about Shiba Inu is that it is more than just a meme coin; the project hosts an ecosystem of decentralized products, all of which provide utility to the SHIB token.

For instance, the project boasts a metaverse, an Ethereum layer 2 scaling solution called Shiabrium, a decentralized exchange, NFTs, decentralized governance, and more.

Another benefit to Shiba inu is the Shib burn mechanism, where users and the Shiba Inu team can burn tokens to decrease its circulating supply and bolster existing tokens’ prices.

In December, 8.4 billion SHIB were burned from Shibarium transaction fees.

Combining multiple utilities and deflationary tokenomics could make SHIB a strong contender in the upcoming bull run. That said, traders should remain aware that it has yet to show signs of a reversal after the last bull market.


Pepe experienced a meteoric rise amid the depths of the 2023 bear market, surging to a $1.8 billion market cap and achieving meme coin stardom. However, the price sold off as early investors took profits, potentially presenting a solid long-term entry point for new buyers.

Currently, Pepe is priced at $0.000001186, down 3.06% today, 17.97% this week and 9.35% this month. It is also down 72% from its ATH.

cmc chart

Pepe holds a $499 million market cap, making it the fourth-largest meme coin and the 112th-largest crypto by market cap. Meanwhile, its 24-hour trading volume is $77 million, illustrating notable bullish momentum despite its struggling price.

Besides Shiba Inu, Pepe is the leading meme coin on the Ethereum blockchain, so many analysts dub the project a “leveraged play” on ETH.

Given the ongoing bullish broader market conditions and asset manager BlackRock’s vocal interest in Ethereum, ETH could see significant growth, massively benefitting Pepe.

Pepe has been somewhat quiet since the beginning of 2024, but Binance recently announced a new campaign where users can deposit Pepe tokens to earn a yield.

The move illustrates Binance’s support of Pepe, which holds significant importance given Binance’s size and industry prominence.

Meme AI

Meme AI is a newly launched meme coin with unique AI utility. The project lets users create memes with AI assistance, providing an innovative use case that has already garnered massive attention.

The project pumped over 400% yesterday but then sold off. While it remains to be seen if it will recover, its compelling utility and early interest undoubtedly illustrate strong potential.

Meme AI is priced at $0.002766, down 26% today but up 32% this week. 

cmc chart

The project launched on Sunday and quickly secured a listing on the exchange BitMart, causing massive excitement and notable trading volume for such a new project.

Currently, Meme AI holds a $2 million market cap and a $2.3 million 24-hour trading volume.

Its low market cap opens the door to massive upside potential, with room for a 70x to become a top ten meme coin.

Meme AI’s website explains it will help users “Create, Sell, and Dominate with Unique NFTs on Our Exclusive Marketplace.“

One of the advantages of Meme AI is its proximity to the AI and meme coin narratives, potentially providing it with more opportunities to pump.

That said, like Shiba Inu, traders should remain aware of the potential for further downside given its recent selloff.

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