Four Chained Dogs in Miller County, Missouri, Are Facing Lethal Subzero Temps—Will You Help Them?

PETA was recently alerted to the plight of four dogs reportedly kept chained 24/7 at a residence on Rabbit Hill Road in Eldon, Missouri. The “shelter” provided to these animals is shoddy at best; the “house” for at least one of them has no front wall, leaving the dog completely exposed to the elements. Witnesses tell PETA that a litter of puppies recently died at the property, possibly of exposure to freezing temperatures. Photographs received by our office also depict overturned water bowls. Additionally, at least one of the dogs is visibly underweight and the chains restraining the animals are wrapped directly around their necks—which causes pain and leads to embedding and lacerations.

Photographs reportedly taken at the property recently depict inadequate shelters, a black dog who is skin and bones, and a dog with a heavy chain directly around his neck.

Upon speaking with authorities, we were shocked to learn that officials have responded to the property four times recently and declared the situation legal. One officer told PETA, “The dogs would have to freeze to death before the shelters would be considered inadequate.” With temperatures expected to dip into the negatives this weekend, these animals are at high risk for hypothermia, frostbite, and death unless they are provided with adequate insulated shelter, water, and food.

Conditions at the property appear to violate Missouri’s anti-cruelty statute (Section §578.005), which requires that “wholesome food, clean water, and adequate shelter be provided.” PETA caseworkers have made numerous requests for intervention but were met with strong resistance by the sheriff’s office. Your voice is urgently needed today!

Please contact the following Miller County authorities to demand urgent intervention in behalf of these animals, with consideration given to the filing of charges (if appropriate) and the prompt confiscation of the dogs. Remind officials that the public will hold them accountable if these animals are allowed to freeze to death.

Miller County Sheriff’s Office
573-369-2341 (press 0 to file a report)
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
Click here to reach the office’s contact form.

Sheriff Louie Gregoire
[email protected]

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