Most Reliable Used Cars: 10 Second-Hand Cars You Can Buy With Confidence

Nowadays, it’s considered an oddity if a car doesn’t have at least five semi-autonomous driver aids as standard. Heck, the government even wants to make some of them mandatory. Even if the vehicle you’re interested in has excellent reliability ratings, it’s worth taking a closer look at these items in particular.

Before we move on to specific models, it’s worth looking at the reliability of brands in general. J.D. Power uses a metric called problems per 100 vehicles, and it’s worth noting that there’s no such thing as the perfect reliability score. Every car out there has issues, which makes sense as J.D. Power asks owners about everything, including fuel efficiency, trunk space, ride quality, interior design, and even rear-seat headroom. These are just a few examples from an extremely broad survey.

The top brand regarding reliability is Lexus, with 133 PP100. The other nine in the top 10 include Genesis (144), Kia (152), Buick (159), Chevrolet (162), Mitsubishi (167), Toyota (168), Hyundai (170), Mini (170), and Nissan, also with 170 PP100.

These brands are an excellent place to start when buying a reliable used car. Still, as you’ll soon see when we dive into specific models, there are dependable models from other manufacturers.

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