Quess Corp partners with Gujarat Technical University, shares up

Quess Corp Ltd’s shares were up 0.41 per cent after the company reported signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Department of Gujarat Technical University (GTU), the state’s public technical university under the Government of Gujarat. The collaboration is focused on contributing to the state’s skill development and employment generation initiatives to align with Gujarat’s Sustainable Vision for 2030.

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As part of the MoU, Quess Corp will establish Centers of Excellence (COE) at various locations, working in tandem with GTU to identify and develop programs that address the skill requirements of the state. The partnership aims to bridge the gap between formal education and industry needs by forecasting demands in technology and related sectors.

Key areas of focus include skill assessment services, employment enablement, entrepreneurship development programs, and technology integration to enhance the skills of the workforce in line with industry standards.

Guruprasad Srinivasan, Executive Director & CEO of Quess Corp, said, “This collaboration is not just about the present, it is about building a strong foundation for the future. This is also how our government, industry, and academia can come together to bridge the skill gap and create a talent pool that is ready to meet the growing demands. Through the Center of Excellence, skill assessment, and employment enablement programs, we aim to empower students with marketable skills and connect them with the right job opportunities within Gujarat’s thriving industrial ecosystem.” 

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The shares were up 0.78 per cent to ₹519.30 at 3:15 pm on the BSE.

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