Volkswagen Celebrates 75 Years Of Selling Cars In America

Today is a massively important day for the Volkswagen Group of America. Exactly 75 years ago, VW USA first attempted to sell vehicles locally when two Type 1 vehicles arrived in New York. To commemorate this special day and reflect on the company’s history, Volkswagen USA is celebrating its success with a drive down memory lane.

It all started in 1949 when a Dutch businessman named Ben Pon touched down in New York with a pair of Type 1s, later known as the Beetle. At first, selling these compact, rear-engined cars proved challenging, but American consumers soon came to appreciate the affordable running costs and parsimonious fuel consumption.

Six years later, Volkswagen of America was established, with licensed dealers now able to sell cars and provide parts and servicing. A series of memorable print ads, like Doyle Dane Bernbach’s Think Small, brought Volkswagen to the attention of Americans.

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