1967 Dodge Dart: Your Ticket To Cheap Mopar Muscle

V8s had been a staple of the Dart lineup since day one, but they’d been more mild than wild with the exception of cars built to go racing. That changed in ’67, though.

The revamped ’67 Dodge Dart didn’t just get an upgrade on the aesthetic front: its performance was boosted as well, bringing it firmly into “compact muscle car” territory. The standard 2.8-liter slant-six engine was carried over from the third-generation Dart but now produced 115 horsepower instead of the previous model’s 101 hp, thanks to the presence of an updated carburetor and camshaft.

Other engine options included a 3.7-liter slant-six and a 180-hp 4.5-liter V8 (replaced the following year by a 5.2-liter version). Transmission options included a three-speed manual, three-speed automatic, or a four-speed manual available with the Dodge Dart GT.

For the top-level GTS trim, Dodge took a page out of the hot-rodders’ book by packing a compact car with a high-powered engine: the available options were a 5.6-liter V8 as standard or a 280-hp 6.3-liter big-block V8 – the most powerful engine option in the Dart range.

These larger motors were accommodated thanks to updates to the frame rail spacing and redesigned K-members.

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