2 Fast 2 Furious Stunt Director Reveals All The Stunts That Turned Into Accidents

So, instead of landing majestically and sliding the car heroically, he slid off the road and into a Pepsi billboard. As far as auditions go for future jobs, that’s about as bad as it gets.

The third snafu involved a Corvette Convertible. It was always supposed to crash into a Saleen Mustang that had been crushed by a truck, but the car was not supposed to roll over. The Corvette was not equipped with a roll cage but had a strap the stunt driver could grab onto in case the windscreen was crushed. That’s precisely what he did, and he walked away from the scene of the planned accident gone wrong.

The final mishap involved a scene where a bunch of modified cars had to get away from a police helicopter. This stunt involved at least 50 vehicles scrambling out of a parking garage.

The stunt driver in an orange Mazda RX-7 went out of the wrong garage, drove off the edge of the ramp, and crashed. He was sent home and did not return to the set. One does not simply crash this rotary-powered icon without consequences.

Considering everything that went wrong on this set, it’s a wonder nobody died.

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