Electric Dodge Charger Daytona SRT: What To Expect From The Electric Mopar Muscle Car

The Charger Daytona SRT’s dashboard comes with a 16-inch instrument cluster, an 8×3-inch heads-up display, and a 12.3-inch infotainment touchscreen tilted towards the driver by ten degrees. The infotainment system is state-of-the-art, with the ability to receive over-the-air updates.

The steering wheel, sans red illumination, looks production-ready, but the touch capacitive controls on the wheel and doors are something we hope Dodge reconsiders. They haven’t been a successful tool for Volkswagen, and regular buttons do the job just fine. The Powershot button is another element that will be retained for the production car, enabling an extra boost for a short period.

Many elements of the SRT’s design are inspired by the world of motorsport; these include the slim, race-inspired front seats and the carbon-fiber floor and hatch. The rear seats, on the other hand, are all about functionality: with the ability to fold down to create extra cargo space, they turn the Daytona SRT into a (somewhat) practical vehicle and not just a weekend toy. And unlike in most high-performance coupes, they are fully usable in terms of passenger space, despite the SRT’s sloping roofline.

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