Electric scooter company Bird Canada says operations not affected by U.S. bankruptcy

Electric scooter rental company Bird says its Canadian operations won’t be affected by the company’s bankruptcy proceedings in the U.S.

Canadian COO Alex Petre told CBC News that Bird Canada is not part of the filing and Canada “remains a key priority market for the business.”

“As such, I want to underline that there is no impact on Canadian operations today, or in the future, and scooters will be available in Windsor next summer as usual,” she said in an email.

On Wednesday, Bird Global announced it was going through a restructuring “aimed at strengthening its balance sheet and better positioning the company for long-term, sustainable growth.”

In Windsor, Ont., the company offers electric scooters and bikes to rent on a seasonal basis as part of a three-year contract with the city.

The company says its scooters are available in more than 20 cities in Canada, including Calgary, Edmonton, Regina, Saskatoon, Ottawa, Hamilton and Brampton, Ont.

Electric scooter rentals have been a source of controversy in some cities. Accessibility advocates have spoken out about safety concerns, particularly around the tripping hazard posed by scooters left on sidewalks. 

Others have welcomed them as a form of active urban transportation.

Bird Global says it voluntarily started Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings in Florida as part of its restructuring and said the company would operate normally during the process.

“We are making progress toward profitability and aim to accelerate that progress by right-sizing our capital structure through this restructuring,” said interim CEO Michael Washinushi in a media release.

“We remain focused on our mission to make cities more livable by using micromobility to reduce car usage, traffic, and carbon emissions.”

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