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Sony has announced the first PlayStation Plus Essential game for February 2024. While the full line-up isn’t expected to be unveiled until the afternoon of January 31, the first free PS4 and PS5 game has been unveiled early. Available to all PS Plus subscribers from the February 6 until March 5, Foamstars is a colourful multiplayer shooter that appears to have been inspired by Nintendo’s Splatoon. Replacing the likes of A Plague Tale Requiem, Evil West and Nobody Saves the World, Foamstars will be joined by two additional games as part of the February line-up.

In a blog post announcing the news, Square Enix producer Kosuke Okatani revealed new details about the upcoming PS Plus release.

According to Okatani, Foamstars is a 4-vs-4 multiplayer party game with three game modes at launch.

This includes Smash The Star, Happy Bath Survival and the newly announced Rubber Duck Party.

The Rubber Duck Party mode sees teams fight for possession of a rubber duck found in the centre of the map. Climbing on the duck advances it towards your team’s goal, while dancing on its head makes it go faster.

“Players will need to utilise teamwork to foam the battlefield allowing for quicker traversal of the large map and to defend the rubber duck from the opposition’s control.

“With no respawn limit in this game mode, players can focus on the objective to make big plays.”

Elsewhere, Foamstars will include a variety of missions, which will help fans learn how to play the game.

Playable solo and with friends, players must protect Bath Vegas from the onslaught of “Bubble Beasties”.

Unsurprisingly, Square Enix is already planning seasonal updates, complete with Battle Pass rewards and bonus items.

“Foamstars will receive seasonal updates over the span of one year,” Square Enix confirms. “Also, a Season Pass will be available for each season, offering a plethora of bonus items. Players can increase their tier by earning XP from battling or completing missions. Rewards will be unlocked as player’s tiers increase.

“In the first season pass that will be available at launch, Mel T will be unlockable as a reward (players who purchase the Premium Pass will unlock the character immediately).

“On top of seasonal exclusive content and skins—additional characters, maps, and modes will also be released throughout the year so please look forward to the yearlong Foamstars Party.”

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