Five ‘really effective’ food staples to clean windows and achieve a streak-free finish

John Cutts, founder of, said: “You don’t need to buy any expensive cleaning products to remove smudges, dirt and grime from your glass windows and mirrors.

“Instead, there are lots of food items sitting in the back of your kitchen cupboards that are effective as natural cleaning products.

“Use cornstarch mixed with cold water to remove more stubborn marks on glass and tea bags rubbed across the surface will remove smudges.

“Ketchup is another kitchen staple which acts as a glass cleaner, just let the condiment sit for a couple of minutes on any stains and wipe clean with a damp cloth.”

Other kitchen items to clean glass include lemon juice.

1. Lemon juice

Dilute the juice of a lemon with water and white vinegar to create a DIY glass cleaner.

According to the expert, the acid in the lemon will help to break down any stains or marks to make the glass shine.

Cutting a fresh lemon in half and gently rubbing it over the glass will also act as a cleaner.

2. Cornstarch

The glass expert explained: “Cornstarch is a great ingredient to polish glass and windows.

“The small granules act as a natural abrasive, and when mixed with cold water the solution can be applied to the glass with a sponge to remove any smudges.”

3. Ketchup

The acidity in ketchup can help to break down grime and marks on glass.

Simply smudge ketchup directly onto the glass and allow it to sit for a couple of minutes.

Gently rub the condiment across the marks and wipe it clean with a damp, soft cloth.

4. White bread

If you have any white bread, it could work well to remove smudges from the glass.

The expert noted: “Soft white bread is a great hack to remove smudges from glass.

“Simply rub a slice over any dirty areas and the grime will lift off. Wipe away any crumbs or residue with a soft cloth for a streak-free finish.”

5. Fizzy drinks

To try out this hack, pour a small amount of any fizzy drink over a glass surface and use a soft sponge to spread over any smudges.

John added: “Using a clean sponge, wipe away the drink and dry with a clean cloth to prevent any sticky spots.

“The acidity and carbonation in fizzy drinks acts as a useful natural cleaning method.”

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