Gastronomic bliss: 3 exotic recipes to elevate your party menu

Welcome to an international culinary journey that seduces the senses with a symphony of flavours! As the festive season and new year is here, it is the perfect time to to take your party food to new heights and leave a lasting impression on your guests as we embark on this culinary adventure. In a world where the unusual and the world at large collide, our range of exotic dishes is guaranteed to take your parties to new heights of indulgence. Imagine an orchestra of spices, a ballet of fragrant scents that awaken the senses and a mosaic of vibrant colours.

Gastronomic bliss: 3 exotic recipes to elevate your party menu(China Bistro )

Our unique recipes are designed to be both accessible and dazzling so that every bite is a treat for all skill levels. Whether you are a novice looking to surprise and delight, or an experienced home chef wanting to show off your skills. Chefs at China Bistro shared with HT Digital some exotic recipes that are sure to delight your guests. (Also read: Green Garlic Kulcha for winter afternoons: Recipe inside )

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Exotic Recipes that Redefine Party Perfection

1. Fruit Sangria

Fruit Sangria(China bistro)
Fruit Sangria(China bistro)


Muddle basil and watermelon chunks

Elder flower syrup – 30ml

Lime juice – 24ml

Top up with ginger ale

Garnish with dragon fruit slice, kiwi slice, orange slice in glass and basil, lemon, rosemary dragon fruit slice, kiwi slice, orange slice in the decanter


Add muddle basil ,watermelon chunks, elder flower syrup,lime juice and jingle ale to taste in a mixer and mix well. Garnish dragon fruit slice,kiwi slice,orange slice in glass.

2. Lotus biscoff mocktail

Lotus biscoff mocktail(China Bistro)
Lotus biscoff mocktail(China Bistro)


Amul milk :- 150ml

Milk made :- 20ml

2 scope vanilla ice cream

Lotus biscof spread : 2 bar spoon blend and serve on ice

Tapioca pearls :- 50gm

Prep – Boil taprioca pearl for 20-25 mins and dip it in sugar syrup


Add milk,milk made and ice cream in a mixer with biscoff spread and blend.

Add it to the glass and tapioca pearls.

3. Blue forest roll

Blue forest roll(China Bistro)
Blue forest roll(China Bistro)


Blue rice, edmame, water, potato flakes, butter, amul cream, salt, broth powder, water chestnuts, truffle oil, carrot chop


Cook rice in water until it boils

Chop fillings into strips

Mix vinegar,edmame, potato flakes and butter and cream

On bamboo mat add rice, and spread out

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