Hacks to keep warm at night without putting on the heating

Heating bills are notoriously expensive during the winter months, but there are ways to fall asleep comfortably without putting on the radiators – here’s how to do so.

In a recent survey, conducted by Get Laid Beds, more than 85 percent of respondents in the UK admitted that they are concerned over rising energy bills.

One of the first things you need to do is to address any draughts in the home, perhaps seeping under the front door, that could be leading to unnecessary heat loss.

Sleeping expert Dr Daisy Mae advised those who may not have draught excluders: “If it’s a case of pushing a towel or old jumper at the bottom of the door, then so be it.”

In terms of preparing for bed, there are key factors in the lead up to bedtime that will make a difference; one of them is having a set routine.

Dr Mae explained: “Now that it is getting colder, getting into and out of bed at the same time every day will pay huge dividends when trying to get to sleep.

“Your circadian rhythm plays a vital role in helping your sleep cycle stay consistent, but this simply doesn’t work if you’re umming and ahhing about getting out of bed for a few more hours than normal. Bite the bullet in the morning and reap the rewards when you get back into bed at night.”

When it comes to preparing for bed once evening begins and darkness descends, Dr Mae has a couple of helpful hacks to help you feel warmer.

“A nice warm bath an hour or so before bed will raise your temperature nicely while relaxing the muscles,” said Dr Mae, who explained why this would be helpful. 

“Cooling down after a bath stimulates the production of the sleep hormone melatonin,” Dr Mae elaborated, and the sleep hormone is handy indeed for making you feel tired enough to drop off to sleep.

As melatonin works its magic while you cool down after the bath, the waiting period pairs perfectly well with a warm mug of milk or a specified non-caffeinated herbal tea.

Dr Mae shared another key tip in preparing for bed; she said: “Layering your nightwear and bedding is a must to keep the warm air in and the cold air out.”

She explained: “A lot of thin layers is far better for keeping warm rather than one thick layer, as it traps the air between them.”

The best materials to keep warm at nighttime are cotton or wool, but that’s not the only way to ensure a more comfortable sleep at home.

Top tips to fall asleep easier without putting on the heating

  • Block out draughts
  • Take a warm bath
  • Drink a warm mug of milk
  • Layer lightly

Dr Mae’s final tip is to let the little bit of sun warm up your home during the day and to close the curtains just before night falls to keep the house as warm as possible without the added price tag of having the heating on all day and night.

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