Hardtop Honda S2000 Is A Reliable Daily Driver That Can Still Attack The Track

Inside, the S2000 has Bride Zetta 2s, which he originally bought for his Civic Hatchback, as they perfectly suit the red and black interior of the Honda sports car. Other interior mods include Narita dogfight tiller, NSX horn button, and Science of Speed NSX R replica knob. To pair with the shifter, the S2000 also gets a JPM coachwork shift boot and 20th-anniversary black radio ASM hub for added flare.

Veering away from sacrilegious engine swaps, the S2000 uses the original F20 motor with various modifications. Most importantly, the engine is still naturally aspirated, so it still sings its high-revving concert without any help from forced induction.

The modifications include a Battlecraft lonely driver cap, FS radiator cap, Mugen intake with heat wrap, origin fab intake arm, and Wiggins hydroflow clamps. The intake has been bored out to 70mm, allowing the engine to breathe better.

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