How to clean oven doors: Mum’s ‘easy’ 5p cleaning method

One in 10 Britons has never cleaned out their oven, according to survey data from Zanussi, despite experts warning that ovens should be cleaned once every three months.

The survey also found that half of Brits (54 percent) are leaving it longer than a month to clean their ovens.

With this in mind, a mum has shared her “easy” method for removing grime and grease from oven doors on social media without using harsh oven cleaning sprays.

Facebook user Louise McEvoy posted on the group, Mrs Hinch cleaning tips: “I was a bit sceptical of this dishwasher tablet/cleaning oven glass thing. [I] tried it and less than 10 minutes later [it was clean].”

Louise shared a before and after picture of her oven door glass. In the before photo, her oven glass was covered in grease and grime. After using the dishwasher tablet hack, the glass was completely transparent and sparkling clean.

The enzymes in dishwasher tablets can break down protein and starch while the surfactants in the tablets can lift away stubborn grease.

It’s important that the dishwasher tablet is softened using water before being applied to the oven door, otherwise it could scratch the glass.

Louise shared her exact method for the hack too. She said: “You get a dishwasher tablet and put it in warm water then rub it all over the oven glass.

“Then wipe it off. I left it for about five to six minutes and then wiped it off. Easy!”

Louise’s post was inundated with responses from fellow cleaning enthusiasts thanking her for sharing the hack while others agreed with how successful the method was.

Facebook user Kim Wilsmore replied to the post: “Ooh I’m going to try this. Thanks.”

Lisa Southern commented: “It’s amazing, isn’t it? Revolutionised oven door cleaning. Wish I’d known years ago.” Rosie Spicer agreed and wrote: “So easy isn’t it?”

Jenny Greenway posted: “I’m going to do this right now – mine looks awful.”

Dishwasher tablets can be bought from most local supermarkets and online. House 24/7 Dishwasher Tablets cost £1.49 from Sainsbury’s which works out at 5p per tablet.

Asda All-in-1 Original Dishwasher Tablets cost £4 for a pack of 30 tablets.

Other ways to clean ovens include using baking soda and white vinegar, a good quality oven cleaner or The Pink Stuff paste.

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