How to whiten grout and remove mould with 90p item woman claims is ‘amazing stuff’

Grout not only fills the space between tiles, but it can also enhance their overall beauty.

However, without proper maintenance, grout can stain and grow mould or mildew.

Unfortunately, using the wrong cleaning methods on dirty grout can lead to permanent damage. 

This can cause failing grout that leaves gaps, allowing moisture to seep through, potentially leading to serious structural damage.

Taking to the Mrs Hinch Army Cleaning tips Facebook page, one woman shared a product she recommends for tackling stained grout.

Kay Pea said: “Someone recommended this product on their tile grout so thought I would give it a try. 

“I used to use Pink Stuff paste but my god this stuff is amazing. It’s made my grout white again instantly.”

The product in question is Astonish’s Mould and Mildew Blaster spray. Designed to effectively remove mould, this spray is recommended for use on stained grout.

Fellow group members in the comments section shared their thoughts on this product. The majority were in favour of it too.

Emma Louise said: “It is good, isn’t it? I sprayed it around the bath grout and left for a half hour came back and wiped it off. All the mood was gone.”

Cathrine Hall wrote: “Moved into a new house and there was mould on the shower grout. Dad said we’d have to replace that. 

“I said let’s put this stuff on it with tissues and see. Dad couldn’t believe it, 99 percent improvement.”

From toilet seat stains to cleaning blinds, many fans even claimed that this product works for other dilemmas too.

Linda Pegg said: “I used it today to remove discolouration under my white toilet seat. Amazing result.”

Ger Masterson wrote: “Amazing stuff, brilliant on vertical blinds. Just spray it on and  leave it for 15 minutes and it’s done, no need to rinse.”

Astonish’s Mould and Mildew Blaster can be picked up online from Amazon for 90p right now or in supermarkets like Asda for £1.49.

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