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LEGO Fortnite is getting its first major content update since launching at the tail-end of 2023. The first LEGO Fortnite update of the season coincides with the release of Fortnite update 28.10 on PlayStation, Xbox, PC, Android and Nintendo Switch. Rocket Racing, Fortnite Festival and Battle Royale will also be updated. The good news is that LEGO Fortnite fans will be able to download the new update on January 23. The bad news, however, is that the release of the update will be accompanied by a period of server downtime on all platforms, which runs from 9am GMT UK time until around 11am.

The news was announced by Epic Games on X: “Adventurers – Downtime for v28.10 begins tonight at 4:00 AM ET. This will bring you new content, bug fixes, QOL updates, and some more LEGO Styles!

“You’ll be disconnected from your World slightly before we go offline, but all progress will be saved.”

LEGO Fortnite fans will be pleased to hear that Fortnite Icon skins will receive LEGO versions as part of update 28.10.

Popular YouTube star Ali-A confirmed the news on X, alongside a look at his new LEGO skin.

In addition to new gameplay features, items and balance changes, the first LEGO Fortnite update will make a number of bug fixes.

You can check out the LEGO Fortnite update patch notes below…

LEGO Fortnite update patch notes…

• Mobile – Players can’t eat after throwing or pushing a crate

 – LEGO Fortnite players using a mobile device may sometimes find that they are unable to eat after pushing or throwing a crate.

• Other players may spawn into your world far away from you

– When loading into someones world, other players may spawn far away from the World owner.

• “Joining from the lobby” may appear to be Disabled.

– Seeing “Disabled” when trying to play Lego Fortnite? We’re aware of some confusing messaging when attempting to join a LEGO world from the lobby while using multiple controllers or accounts on the same device.

– Lego Fortnite does not support Splitscreen. To work around this please reduce your input and account usage to one controller, and then try again.

• Villagers not working at the Metal Smelter

– Villagers assigned to work at the Metal Smelter do not progress and will not yield any results

• Starting Location sometimes far away from resources.

– Players’ starting spawn points may sometimes appear in the ocean, tundra, or desert instead of somewhere closer to resources.

• Error Creating Worlds

– We’re looking into errors with matchmaking, creating new worlds in LEGO Fortnite, and players being kicked from their world.

• Keybinds Not Saving

– There’s new interactions in #LEGOFortnite, take a moment to check your keybinds when jumping into your new world.

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