‘Most expensive’ household appliances raking up your energy bills – how to save

Using appliances is part of everyday life, but there are certain ones which households could cut back on using if they want to save on bills.

According to energy experts at Utility Bidder, this includes tumble dryers, dishwashers and washing machines.

1. Tumble dryers

The pros said: “An average tumble dryer cycle uses 4.5 kWh per cycle, adding up to an average of 52.25 kWh per month. 

“If you can, hang your clothes to dry, especially during the summer. Using the dryer uses a lot of energy, so hanging your clothes dry is a great way to save energy and money. Or use the dryer’s energy-saving setting.”

2. Dishwashers

Dishwashers use an average of 3.6 kWh per cycle, which according to the experts, can add up over time. 

To save money, consumers can run their dishwashers only when it’s full or opt to use its energy-saving setting.

3. Fridge freezers

Fridge freezers need to be kept on 24/7 so it’s no wonder they can substantially add to energy bills.

However, to save on bills when it comes to this white good, defrost it regularly, and keep the door closed as much as possible.

Only putting cold food in the fridge can also make a huge difference so make sure food has cooled down first.

4. Washing machines

The experts continued: “Washing machines use an average of 2.1 kWh per cycle. To save money, wash clothes in full loads, use the washing machine’s eco setting, and avoid using the pre-wash cycle. 

“Most of the dirt and germs in your clothes can be removed with cold water, so use colder settings.”

Also, depending on the tariff households are on, there may even be cheaper times of the day to use the appliance, such as off-peak.

5. Ovens

Ovens are typically used most days in the home, so it can add up to bills over time.

Make sure to only preheat the oven when necessary or opt to use a microwave or air fryer if available to save.

The pros noted: “Use the microwave or toaster oven when possible. These appliances use less energy than your oven. If cooking for just one or two people, consider investing in an air fryer. 

“The average air fryer will cost you around 43p per hour, based on the current electricity rate.”

The experts also recommended unplugging appliances when not in use as well as using energy-efficient appliances.

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