Mum’s ‘game-changing’ way to banish stubborn tea and coffee mug stains for good

If not rinsed straight after drinking tea and coffee, the tannins, which are the staining agents in hot beverages, cling to the surface of the mug, no matter the material of it.

These stains will then not come out when hand washed or even washed in the dishwasher as they need some abrasion to help remove them.

Posting on the Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips Facebook group, Rose Griffiths wrote: “Please can anyone tell me how I can get this stain out of my mug?

“It always gets washed in the dishwasher so I don’t understand why it has gone like that in the first place, thank you.”

Luckily, there are lots of ways to banish the stains in a matter of seconds and Rose’s post received more than 200 comments from fellow cleaning enthusiasts sharing their top tips and tricks.

June Miller wrote: “Use a spot of bleach with hot water before leaving to sit a while. Make sure to rinse thoroughly.”

Jamie-Lee Eissa said: “I soak my mugs once a week with water and bleach. No need to buy anything specific, just a little bleach and water and scrub it for five minutes.”

Paige Dawson noted: “I always soak my cups and teaspoons once every six months or so in bleach, works a treat and brings them up like new.

“Best trick I was ever taught, I got sick of buying new teaspoons and then my good old Mum mentioned bleach and it’s game-changing.”

Bleach can be picked up in supermarkets for as little as 52p, just make sure to ventilate the area well.

It is also a good idea to keep children and pets away from the mugs while they have bleach in them.

Other group members advised not to use bleach all the time to clean mugs because it can take the “glaze” away from them over time.

Instead, they recommend using denture tablets to help bleach and whiten mugs while removing nasty brown stains from them.

Natalie Allan wrote: “Use denture tablets. They’re cheap to buy and work a charm. I don’t like using bleach to whiten mugs.”

When placed in a mug with hot water, the tablet will begin to fizz and work to remove the brown stains, working in under 10 minutes.

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