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National Tourism Day 2024: Every year, National Tourism Day is observed to honour India’s scenic landscapes and to increase public understanding of the value of tourism to the country’s economy. India is a popular travel destination that draws tourists from all over the world. Therefore, India places a great deal of weight on tourism from a cultural and economic standpoint. India offers a wide range of travel experiences, such as ecotourism, cruises, business, sports, rural, educational, and medical travel. India’s diversity makes it a popular travel destination. The day also serves to honour the contributions made by a multitude of people who work in the travel and tourism sector. From history to significance, here’s everything you need to know about this day. (Also read: Kerala: 4 tourism hotspots to host adventure sporting events in 2024 )

National Tourism Day is celebrated every year on January 25 to recognize India’s natural beauty.(Unsplash)

National Tourism Day 2024: Date and history

National Tourism Day is celebrated every year on January 25. This year it is falling on Thursday. The Indian government is reported to have first celebrated National Tourism Day in 1948. Its aims were to promote popular tourist destinations across the country and to preserve the nation’s cultural heritage. In India, government plans to promote and grow tourism are formulated by the Ministry of Tourism. It also works with state, federal and private sector organisations.

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National Tourism Day 2024 theme

Each year, National Tourism Day highlights a specific theme to raise awareness about various aspects of tourism. In 2024, the designated theme is ‘Sustainable Journeys, Timeless Memories,’ promoting responsible and mindful travel. Contrastingly, the focus in 2023 was on ‘Tourism and Green Investments,’ emphasizing the intersection between tourism and environmentally conscious financial initiatives.

Significance of National Tourism Day

The significance of National Tourism Day lies in its ability to raise awareness of the role that tourism plays in promoting economic growth and job creation, both nationally and globally. The day also seeks to increase public understanding of the economic, social and cultural impact of tourism on a country’s economy. This day also highlights the importance of sustainable tourism practices that benefit local communities. Numerous programmes, seminars, workshops and tourism-related promotions are planned for the day to showcase the distinctive experiences and attractions that the country’s diverse regions have to offer.

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