Paint colour trends 2024: Colours that will ‘dominate’ interiors next year

With the new year just around the corner, interior experts have shared their insights for the year ahead, including which paint colours will be on-trend in 2024.

With this in mind, home improvement retailer Wickes has shared its paint trend predictions for 2024.

The interior experts claimed that earthy, nature-inspired tones are expected to be one of the most popular trends in 2024.

Lewis Janes, senior category manager of paint at Wickes said: “Soft and neutral colours designed to create warming and relaxing spaces are set to be big trends next year.”

Lewis predicted that hero colours would include “blues inspired by the seaside, vivid greens, and earthy darks”.

He also said, “varying shades of pinks, especially light pastels and dusty pinks, are on track to remain a solid favourite as the Barbie reign continues”.


Blue is already a popular shade in most homes with pale blues, dark egg blue, teals and navy blue often found in kitchens, living spaces and bathrooms.

Lewis said: “Blue shows no sign of slowing down next year and will continue to dominate interior colour trends, with a particular focus on teals and aqua.

“Blues offer a sense of calmness and are reminiscent of nature and cosy living, making it a timeless colour that continues to be a firm favourite in modern homes.”


Green represents nature and tranquility so it’s no surprise that the colour will continue to be popular going into 2024.

Greens are often great in kitchens, bedrooms and living spaces, giving rooms a calming feel.

Lewis said: “Millennials are pushing for striking colour designs of green and blues – in fact, one in three kitchen sales are now one of these colour ways.

“Green is a great alternative to the once popular shades of grey and beige, offering the same clean appearance but with an added touch of zest and vibrance.

“It evokes feelings of balance and restfulness, making it a good choice for bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchens.”

Earthy tones

Earthy tones are perfect for creating comforting, cosy spaces and the trend is going to continue into 2024, according to the expert.

Dark earthy tones, in particular, like chocolate browns and dark greys are set to surge in popularity.

“Providing an elegant and mature look, rich warm colours are a great option for living rooms or studies and will compliment any darker interior features such as mahogany side tables or fireplaces,” Lewis explained.


Thanks to the Barbie-core aesthetic, pinks will continue to reign next year, however, with a more muted focus.

Lewis said: “With the emergence of aesthetic trends such as cottage-core and floral-inspired interiors, pale pink is one to watch next year.”

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