Partisia Blockchain Unveils Revolutionary On-Chain Custody Product, MOCCA, at Davos

Davos, 17 January 2024 — Partisia Blockchain, the Swiss innovator committed to delivering cutting-edge, privacy-preserving solutions for fairness and transparency, made a groundbreaking announcement during the World Economic Forum. During the Davos event, Partisia Blockchain launched MOCCA, an on-chain custody product driven by advanced multiparty computation (MPC). MOCCA represents a democratization of access to sophisticated custody solutions, traditionally the domain of large enterprises with substantial budgets. This revelation follows closely on the heels of the Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) recent approval of spot Bitcoin ETFs.

Brian Gallagher, co-founder of Partisia Blockchain, took center stage during his keynote address at a Davos side event to introduce the MOCCA custody product. Powered by Partisia Blockchain’s advanced MPC capabilities, MOCCA leverages decentralization by necessitating approval from two or more parties for every transaction.

In stark contrast to existing custody offerings, MOCCA stands out as a decentralized, open-source solution accessible to all. Users can effortlessly deploy a secure custody environment across multiple parties with just a few clicks. Partisia Blockchain’s fully programmable custody product, equipped with out-of-the-box multichain capability, remains blockchain-agnostic, relying on MPC technology irrespective of protocol support. This ensures unbreakably secure transactions and simplifies the custody of various asset types.

This versatile solution caters to a broad spectrum of use cases, from individuals seeking enhanced security for self-custody of digital assets to more complex scenarios such as firms decentralizing custody, decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) pursuing programmable treasury solutions, and exchanges requiring enhanced transparency in fund management.

Gallagher emphasized the solution’s cost efficiency, expedited on-chain deployment timelines, and programmable code capabilities that facilitate advanced smart contract governance. Security takes centre stage, with MPC-secured bridges ensuring asset security at rest and during transfers. MOCCA’s off-chain signing feature enables off-chain devices to generate keys and participate in on-chain protocols through clients, making it an ideal choice for institutional clients seeking decentralized custody solutions.

Brian Gallagher stated, “This new solution future-proofs cross-chain custody management, and its launch at Davos aligns perfectly with the evolving regulatory landscape. With the recent SEC approval of spot Bitcoin ETFs and impending approval for spot Ethereum ETFs, the industry demands institutional-grade, blockchain-agnostic custody solutions. Our product balances flexibility with security, allowing firms to bridge assets on Partisia Blockchain or keep them on their preferred chain. This is a timely solution that centres around privacy-preserving financial inclusion, benefiting both traditional and decentralized organizations.”

About Partisia Blockchain: Partisia Blockchain offers unparalleled opportunities by enabling privacy-preserving, interoperable, and sustainable innovation for fairness and transparency. With 35 years of rigorous research, Partisia Blockchain future-proofs solutions, tackling global challenges by powering fair, secure distribution of benefits. The company prioritizes privacy and

confidentiality while bringing accountable, transparent, and decentralized governance.

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