Porsche Cayenne’s Electric Brother Spotted For The First Time

While it’s much too early to confirm the specs of the new Cayenne EV (it’s only expected to launch in 2026), we do know what the PPE architecture is capable of.

First of all, it’s an 800-volt architecture, enabling rapid charging and high-performance thresholds, with Porsche targeting 5-80% recharge times of under 25 minutes. Then, on the performance front, we know that 600 horsepower and more than 737 lb-ft of torque is what Porsche is aiming for in early iterations. Later variants could easily surpass that, with 1,000-hp powertrains quickly becoming the norm in the EV segment. Even Porsche’s Nurburgring EV record-setting Taycan is believed to hit the four-figure mark when revealed.

There’ll be much to learn about the Cayenne EV over the next few years, with a reveal expected sometime in 2025. However, it’s not the only new EV to come from Porsche, as an electric 718 successor has been confirmed, and Prosche is working on a larger, more luxurious electric SUV known internally as K1. By 2030, 80% of Prosche’s product portfolio will be electric.

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