Reassessing XRP: The Reasons Behind Fresh Investors’ Attraction to an UpComing Alternative

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  • Experts predict the XRP price to continue dropping and fall below $0.50. 
  • Rebel Satoshi ($RBLZ) captures investors’ attention with 150% presale profits guaranteed. 

With the market turning green, beginner cryptocurrency investors are looking for the best crypto to buy. One of the top altcoins in the market, XRP, has been performing poorly in the past few weeks. Rebel Satoshi ($RBLZ), however, has grabbed the attention of investors during its presale. Let’s understand what makes $RBLZ the best crypto for beginners ahead of XRP. 

XRP Continues Downward Slide Amid a Surging Market

The XRP price rose to a monthly high of $0.69 on December 9 before entering into a downtrend. Even as the market has soared to new heights, the XRP price has continued its downward trajectory. By January 5, the XRP price dropped by 17.3% to trade at $0.57. Amid the drop in XRP price, Ripple made a slew of announcements surrounding its ecosystem. 

For instance, on December 15, Ripple published a whitepaper titled Demystifying Central Bank Digital Currencies. On December 20, the Bank Of Ireland added Ripple and XRP to their list of virtual asset service providers. Centigrade published a paper on how Ripple can be used to reshape Carbon markets and usher in sustainable finance on December 20. 

Even these developments have failed to arrest the drop in the XRP price. This has led the experts to believe that the XRP price is going to continue to drop further. They predict the XRP token will drop below $0.50 in the coming months. 

rebel satoshi

Investors Throng Towards Rebel Satoshi Presale With 93 Million Tokens Sold Already

The Rebel Satoshi presale of the $RBLZ token has proven to be a huge success, with investors rushing towards it. The presale began with the Early Bird Round at $0.010 per $RBLZ. Right now, the presale is in the Citizens Round 3 at $0.020 per $RBLZ with a 100% surge in price. Rebel Satoshi has sold more than 93 million $RBLZ tokens during the presale and raised more than $1 million already. 

Rebel Satoshi is striving to achieve a market cap of $100 million for the $RBLZ token. To achieve that, Rebel Satoshi is developing a vast ecosystem surrounding the $RBLZ token. The ecosystem would comprise Rebels Artefact Vault with 9,999 unique vaults, a staking pool, and a play-to-earn game. 

Rebel Satoshi has made the $RBLZ token contract public, and SourceHat has audited it. Early adopters of the $RBLZ token become members of the Rebellion Secret Council. Through this membership, they get access to clandestine meetings, get early project updates, and become part of the decision-making process. 

Rebel Satoshi derives its motivation and ideals from Satoshi Nakamoto and Guy Fawkes. Hence, Rebel Satoshi is building a community of Recusant members to band together and rise against the status quo in the market. The rebellion envisaged by Rebel Satoshi is designed to usher in a new era of decentralization in the market. 

For the latest updates and more information, be sure to visit the official Rebel Satoshi Presale Website or contact Rebel Red via Telegram

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