Rolls-Royce’s 10 Best Bespoke Commissions Of 2023

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars is celebrating another year of Bespoke commissions by highlighting some of the most ambitious projects it tackled this year. According to Goodwood, the inspiration for these commissions came from scenic locations, rare materials, celestial phenomena, and clients’ signature colors.

These Bespoke commissions also played a significant role in Rolls-Royce achieving a market cap of $31.5 billion, a 250.5% increase over last year. And it’s not as if the British brand struggled in 2022. In fact, it broke several sales records in 2022, and its customers spent an average of $533,655 on a new car. It also received the highest value of Bespoke commissions ever.

We’ll have to wait until early January 2024 for Rolls-Royce to release the 2023 figures, but looking at the cars below, we’re 100% sure it set yet another record.

Here are 10 of the best Bespoke commissions from 2023.

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