Saama platform users now get instant responses to data queries

The company uses AI and advanced analytics to automate key clinical development processes in a bid to accelerate time to market by taking out manual, resource-intensive processes.

For the first time, users can ask questions of their data in natural language, and instantly receive responses – eliminating costly data analysis delays. Additionally, data management and medical review teams can now work together in a single system to complete comprehensive data reviews from start to finish.

“Outdated approaches to clinical development are delaying treatments from making it to market, and ultimately patients,” said Lisa Moneymaker, chief technology officer and chief product officer, at Saama.

“These cutting-edge features embedded within the Saama platform create a collaborative environment where AI can quickly surface insights and drive users to action. The result is the breakdown of operational silos and the acceleration of development timelines.”

Changing drug development

Saama says it is fundamentally changing how drug development is done by integrating pioneering innovations into its award-winning platform. New features and enhancements now available include Interactive Review Listings (IRL) so data managers, medical monitors, and vendors can now work together in a single environment to complete comprehensive data reviews from start to finish.

Powered by AI, Saama’s platform allows study teams to access and review the data they need without waiting for programmers. With IRL, users can create custom listings using GenAI, and track all queries in a single location, regardless of source. Users can also collaborate with their teams by assigning tasks, raising, and inspecting queries, and managing vendors all in one place.

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