Toyota Century SUV Convertible Quietly Revealed In Tokyo

It’s not terribly ugly, and benefits from a tasteful white paint finish, multi-spoke wheels, and a cream leather interior replete with parade-style seating at the rear. Sumo wrestlers can sit here and wave at adoring fans as the Crown SUV Convertible swishes by. Unlike the regular model, the rear quarters have been redesigned to accommodate the parade bench, with the traditional seating removed.

To make up for the lost rigidity, Toyota engineers reportedly strengthened the body and beefed up the suspension components; even though it’s a convertible, it carries the Century name and is expected to uphold the standards that come with that badge.

Unfortunately, there are no images of the vehicle with the roof in place, but it appears that the car is only capable of providing an open-air experience as no folding soft top is evident, and neither are receptacles for roof fasteners on the windshield surround.

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