Twin-Turbo C8 Chevy Corvette Is A 900-HP Methanol-Fed Daily Driver

We have seen other forced induction setups on a Corvette that create more power, but the twin-turbo Corvette has daily driving in mind; the tune needs to be usable on the street while still producing some crazy power figures.

The car’s wide-open throttle tuning delivered interesting results as the American sports car had already hit its goal. It produced 704 wheel hp and 692 lb-ft of torque at 9 pounds of boost with 18 degrees of timing. The tune was safe and reliable without any issues happening to the car.

Despite the already high power figures, the owner, Chad, wasn’t happy with just 704 high horsepower and wanted more out of his C8 Corvette. He raised the bar, asking the shop to make the car at least 850 hp on the wheels. The shop then cranked up the boost to 15 psi, which the Corvette could take, thanks to its built engine and turbo kit.

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