WATCH: Japan’s Wildest Honda S2000 Builds Are Created By One Man

Unfortunately, Akira-san passed away during the start of an F3000 race (currently known as Super Formula) in April 1994. Yusaka-san continued his father’s legacy by taking over the shop and is currently entering racing series such as Super GT and Super Taikyu. The Arvou Motor Sports Service is known for its Honda S2000 builds, including this iconic Arvou S2000.

The widebody Arvou S2000 is characterized by its massive aero kit, including a front lip, canards, side skirts, and a wing. These help provide downforce essential in putting down fast lap times at the World Time Attack Challenge series. An F20C motor with an HKS Supercharger is powering the car, generating around 450 horsepower. At the Tsukuba Circuit in Japan, this build managed to clock an impressive 53-second lap time.

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