WATCH: Jeep Gladiator Shows Sketchy Wrangler Death Wobble Up-Close

Death wobble is often initiated by a pothole or driving over something, but in this case, it seemingly came out of nowhere.

According to RTC, this customer supplied them with a four-inch lift kit for their Jeep Gladiator, which is half Jeep Wrangler and half Ram 1500. After fitting the kit, the steering geometry was no longer suitable. So, it put a GoPro underneath the vehicle and tracked the problem to a factory drag link, which showed severe signs of wear. To further decrease the chances of Death Wobble occurring again, RTC also included a bolt-on Steer Smarts Track Bar Relocation Bracket.

The JK is the previous-generation Wrangler, which shows how little the oldest of the military-inspired off-roaders has evolved. The 2024 facelift may have made it easier to live with, but underneath, it’s still very much an ox cart.

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