Which Token May Yield $1.111-Million Profit Per $5K Invested by 2025

Two cryptocurrencies predicted to have a big 2024 year are Solana (SOL) coin and Mollars (MOLLARS) token.  One is a firmly established crypto brand while the other is in the ‘highest potential’ stage, the initial coin offering. Both tokens are predicted to reach a value of over US$100 by the end of 2025, but only one will yield investors $1.111-Million-dollars per $5,000 invested. 

Is Mollars Token A Good Cryptocurrency Investment for 2024?

The $Mollars token presale began just some weeks ago and is already seeing a demand beyond most well known tokens of today.  Over 80,000 tokens were being sold in the presale daily at one point and the ICO is expected to surpass 1.5-million tokens sold by the end of January.

Why is this a top ICO pick for crypto investors and traders alike?  

Mollars cryptocurrency is one of the very few tokens with a scarce supply, no owner holding tokens for themselves, and it actually solves a well-known problem for everyone  who wants a Bitcoin for store-of-value.

Like the $BTC, the $Mollars token is a deflationary and limited supply cryptocurrency.  However, it’s utilizing the Ethereum-blockchain which will save crypto traders nearly 80% of transaction  (buy / sell / convert) fees. For every $100 in transaction fees a Bitcoin costs for trades, a Mollars token will only cost $20, based on current statistics.  

Bitcoin Trading Fees vs Mollars Trading Fees

Bitcoin’s been a massive loss fee-wise for the Titans of Bitcoin trading the last few years.  There have been blockbuster fees associated with $BTC trades recently that range from the 2024 record of $173,148 to the all-time record fee of $3.1-million-dollars charged in November of 2023.  And yes, these are the fees charged to traders, not the actual amount they traded to incur the cost.

Had these trades been Mollars ($MOLLARS) tokens, on the Ethereum-Blockchain, those crypto tycoons would have paid considerably less.  The transaction fee would have been  $34,630 for the 2024 transaction and only $620,000 for the all-time record fee.   In fact, maybe even less, depending on the volume of activity at the time of the trades.

With this idea of Mollars saving dollars for traders, it’s created an unrivaled demand in the ICO space.  This demand is expected to push the cryptocurrency to the top of daily volume & value gain charts in 2025.

With only 10-million tokens total supply, which 40% is being sold during today’s token presale [view here], the current buy volume is enough to lead analysts to believe $MOLLARS will assume a similar trajectory to the most popular tokens of the last 13 years.     A healthy price prediction of US$100 has been suggested for Mollars by 2025.

Mollars Token Could Return $1,111,111.11 Per $5000 Invested

Reaching the $100 milestone means Mollars tokens purchased during today’s Initial Coin Offering would see an increase in value of $99.55 each. That yield on initial investment is a total percentage of +22,122.22%.      

For crypto sharks and whales lurking with $5000 to buy into the Mollars ICO today, a take-home profit of $1,111,111.11 would be returned on the initial investment.  

Some high-level investors have already taken a bite of the ICO token supply.  One Ethereum trader bought nearly US$18,000 in Mollars tokens just last week. Countless other traders have invested between US$4000 and $10,000 in the same week.

It appears ‘smarter money,’ people with financial prowess, find the idea of Mollars to be a game-changer and worth investment. The ownerless, decentralized, store-of-value token is a hit with bigger pockets just as much as the crypto shrimps.

While the ICO investors usually make the biggest gains of all in recent years, there’s another token predicted to reach US$150 by this year’s end, a bit more than Mollars.  Finbold used Grok AI to forecast where the price of the $SOL coin would be by 2025 and the answer was positive — up to US$150.

This price prediction of course comes with the idea that the Solana cryptocurrency has a favorable year.

Recent rumors buzzing of the founders selling off loads of tokens in a ‘slow rug pull,’ were dispelled but not before the FUD stagnated the Solana coin’s price. 

Now that the Ethereum-blockchain rival has cleared up the topic and back to focusing on their mobile branch and 2nd smartphone, Chapter 2,  the crypto brand’s year is looking much more positive.

$5000 Investment into Solana Predicted To  Yield $XX  in Profit by 2025

Currently priced at US$91.85 however, the $150 prediction might not be what some traders hoped to hear. Though that’s a healthy +63.31% profit yield on each token, in the crypto trading world that is not a big gain.  A $5000 investment would only yield $x,xxx in take-home profits. 

This is miniscule in comparison to token presale and ICO opportunities many are looking for today.

Initial Coin Offerings which have a solution and-or massive marketing agencies behind him, tend to see gains of +10,000% and upward. For example, Pepe (PEPE) memecoin yielded investors +12,000% last year as its opening hype and pre-established viral logo took the crypto world by storm.

Solana (SOL) Token Presale Price Was Golden for investors

Solana itself was only US$0.22 per token when it launched its presale in March of 2022. Those who invested in the project, which offered solutions to real-time crypto issues, have already seen the token’s biggest yields.  When the $SOL reached its All-Time High in November of 2021, the token’s value soared to US$259.96.  Token presale investments gained an impressive  +118,063.64% value.  A $5,000 investment into Solana at it’s ICO stage would have yielded $5,908,181.82 in net profit.  

Unfortunately, the days of the $SOL being 22-cents are gone. However, there’s nothing wrong with a +63.31% gain, which will be yielded to today’s investors in 2025 if Grok AI is correct.  Just hope that the Ethereum-rival has a stellar year.

Mollars vs Solana

Risk to Reward wise,  Mollars($MOLLARS) and Solana ($SOL) could have a profitable year. However, usually it’s the ICO tokens that yield far greater profits to investors. And as Mollars is solving an issue that could benefit 250-million Ethereum-blockchain users,  it seemingly has a better upside in terms of profit potential this year.

See the latest details of the Mollars token presale via their official website, Mollars.com.  Tokens can only be purchased via the website until the hard cap of 4-million tokens sold is completed or May 2024.   Based on current buyer volume however, it should reach the hard cap in February.

As for Solana (SOL), traders can find the token on any of the major crypto exchanges.  Coinbase, Crypto.com, KuCoin, MexC, and Binance all have the token listed for trade.

Fetch.AI and Injective have also been compared to Mollars recently with similar findings.

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