5 Of The Best And Brashest Tuner Builds Of 2023

As 2023 starts dipping into the horizon, there are many ghastly aftermarket creations that we’ll be happy to see the back of, but there are also some that will live as pleasant reminders of what brilliance the world’s creatives can concoct.

As always, certain cars were singled out for customization more often than others, including the new BMW M2 and M3 Touring, the Ford Bronco, the Nissan Z, countless Urus, G-Class, and Cullinan atrocities from the likes of Mansory and Brabus. But don’t worry, we’ve done your eyes enough damage this year, and we’re avoiding those two tuning companies and those three SUVs, with one worthwhile exception. To make up for that singular exception, I pledge not to cover a single 6×6 build this year.

Without any further ado, some of the zaniest tuner builds of the year.

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