Base Subaru Impreza L Transformed Into WRX STI Hunter

For its drivetrain, the custom Impreza has a six-speed manual sourced from an STi paired with an R180 rear differential. It allows the coupe to utilize the 5×114 hubs from the STi, opening it to more parts and wheel options. Aside from this, it also has a carbon fiber DSS drive shaft.

As the Impreza was built for the track, its interior has been completely stripped out to save as much weight as possible. However, it does come with Sparco bucket seats and a custom roll cage. It also gets an OMP steering wheel, Map DCCD controller, Cobb access ports, and a flock dashboard to complete the race car look.

While it’s no elusive WRX STI S201, the project is one of the cleanest track cars we’ve seen, and we can’t wait to see the final build once it’s completed.

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