Car Mod Atrocities: The Worst Ford F-150 Ever Made Is Up For Sale

A Ford F-150 rebuild is currently up for grabs in South Africa for R400,000, which is roughly $22,000. At least, we think it’s a Ford because it also sports Audi, Toyota, and Isuzu badges.

Honestly, this is the most WTF car mod atrocity we’ve seen this year, and we don’t even know where to start. We suppose working front-to-back is best, so let’s jump right into this act of visual terrorism. At the front, we can see an exterior mounted intercooler, which makes no sense for reasons that will soon become clear.

The hood decorations are an affront to hoods across the globe, not to mention the modern F-150 grille mounted over where the original used to be. It appears this engine only receives cooling from the massive gash cut into the hood, which is good. It means the horror of an engine will blow up quicker, hopefully taking this entire heinous automotive crime with it.

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