Do I Have Trust Issues? Quiz

Ever feel like your heart skips a beat when your partner’s phone lights up, not with curiosity, but with a prickle of suspicion? Do whispered conversations and late-night calls send your mind churning with “what ifs”? Perhaps you’ve even googled “pistanthrophobia test” to find if the label “afraid of commitment” fits a little too snugly.

This quiz, crafted by a seasoned relationship counsellor armed with a Master’s in Psychology, is your map to trust issues in relationships. Trust is the cornerstone of any healthy relationship but it doesn’t always come easily. Especially, if you’ve experienced traumatic events in the past that have made it hard to trust someone.

Remember, overcoming jealousy and building trust is a journey, not a destination. This quiz is just the first step, a compass to help you discover where you stand and what paths lead to healthier, happier relationships. So, take a deep breath, be honest, and dive into this quiz.

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