How to remove musty smells from towels by replacing common laundry item with kitchen item

Laundry may seem like a simple task, however, if not done correctly can damage fabric and even make it smell.

One item that can particularly smell when coming out of the washing machine is towels.

One cleaning fan took to the Mrs Hinch Army Cleaning Tips Facebook page claiming that a popular laundry item should be replaced with a kitchen staple that your towels will thank you for.

Sarah Pyne claimed that her towels smelled better when using white vinegar compared with fabric conditioner.

Fabric softener is excellent for many things. It keeps clothing soft and static-free and helps it retain its shape and colour.

However, what some people may not be aware of is that fabric conditioners can trap odours in towels.

Sarah said: “Hi all, another laundry question. I put white vinegar in the conditioner part for towels and they smell amazing. Much better than when I use conditioner in the wash.

“Does anyone put white vinegar in every wash and ditch conditioner altogether? I’m so confused as I always thought it was conditioner that left clothes smelling and feeling amazing. Have I been doing it wrong all these years?”

White vinegar is great for removing and preventing musty smells when washing towels as this kitchen staple contains acetic acid that breaks up mineral deposits and dissolves the build-up of body soils on your towels.

Group members in the comments section said that white vinegar is something they are a fan of when washing towels as well as other laundry items.

Samantha Sayers wrote: “I use white vinegar for all my laundry, I don’t use fabric softener anymore. Everything is soft and smells lovely.”

Val Starling commented: “I always use white vinegar, never conditioner. Sometimes I put a splash of Zoflora in as well.”

Georgina Chandler advised: “Softener is not recommended on towels as it coats the fibres causing them to trap bacteria which causes it to smell. The vinegar will break down the coating.”

Gaynor Smith said: “Haven’t used conditioner for years – with exception of lambs wool or similar.

“All ordinary washing gets two capfuls of white vinegar (60 ml I think) no issues and no mould or smelly washing machine either.”

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