How to Help Animals in Ukraine

PETA-supported rescuers in Ukraine rushed to help pregnant horse Maria after her hoof landed on an explosive device. They dodged drone fire to get her to a safe location, where a specialized veterinarian performed emergency surgery.

A team of caregivers gave her round-the-clock care, which included helping her with the overwhelming mental trauma of her ghastly injury. She needed just one more surgery before she could be fitted with a prosthetic hoof—but it wasn’t to be.

War, What Is It Good For? Absolutely Nothing but Heartbreak

Despite the Herculean work of teams trying to speed her recovery, the weight of all that Maria had endured before she was rescued proved to be too much. She passed away quietly without having a chance to give birth. Her caregivers remember her with love and are grateful that she slipped away without pain.

Maria the horse rescued in ukraine with blue sides

How You Can Help Animals in War

PETA-supported teams have been on the ground in Ukraine since the beginning of the war. Their determination and grit have saved the lives of more than 15,000 dogs, cats, horses, donkeys, and others. They put themselves in harm’s way to rescue animals who would otherwise have no hope. Please help keep these teams prepared for the many challenges to come—and strengthen vital work for animals around the world—by making a special gift to PETA’s Global Compassion Fund today.

horses getting food in Ukraine

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