LS3-Powered Holden Commodore Is A Suspicious Alternative To A Dodge Charger

We’d say the seller has some explaining to do, but the Facebook post says, “I won’t answer a million questions in the comments,” in response to the concerns over its legitimacy.

We’re not saying it isn’t legal, just that we’re not sure it went through all the certifications necessary to become legal. Still, if you’re insistent on pursuing the deal, you’ll own what is claimed to be number 46 of just 80 cars built and one of only 13 finished in Phantom Black. Based on the Commodore, the HSV moniker refers to the brand’s in-house tuning firm, Holden Special Vehicles, meaning this example is a performance-oriented version.

The seller also noted the right-hand-drive wagon comes with an XForce stainless exhaust and new tires ready for a cross-country drive.

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