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Overwatch 2 fans can check out a brand new game mode, but only for the weekend. Fresh off the back of the latest Overwatch 2 update, Blizzard has announced plans to launch a limited time Quick Play mode. Available from 6pm GMT UK time on January 12 until the same time on January 14, Quick Play features faster respawn times, faster Payload movement and lots of additional upgrades to speed things up.

Blizzard explains more: “This weekend only, Sombra is changing up the rules for Quick Play.

“Enjoy Quick Play: Hacked – Quicker Play – a fun, new way to play with faster capture speeds, payloads, and respawn times. Experience more team fights, more games, and new strategies.”

Whether Quick Play returns as a permanent game mode depends on fan feedback over the course of the weekend.

“Testing new ideas with you for a limited time allows us to quickly understand what you like and possibly implement changes to improve gameplay,” Blizzard continues.

“This also gives players of all skill levels an opportunity to try out new playstyles and strategies that wouldn’t necessarily work as well in a traditional game of Overwatch.”

You can check out the Overwatch 2 Quick Play ruleset below…

Overwatch 2 Quick Play rules…

• Respawning times are now 75% of their original time.

• Payloads in Escort and Hybrid maps will move 60% faster.

• Taking control of the Objective Point in Hybrid is 40% faster than normal.

• Taking control of the objective point in Control is 40% faster than normal, and scoring the capture progress percentage is 80% faster.

• Taking control of the objective point in Flashpoint is 20% faster than normal, and scoring the capture progress percentage is 40% faster.

• When you play an Escort, Hybrid, or Push map, the initial match time has been reduced to 70% of the original time, and any time extensions are also reduced to 70% of the total time added.

• These changes only apply to all players who play in Role Queue and Open Queue Quick Play modes during the duration of the event and will return to normal after January 14. Competitive Play and Arcade modes are not affected by these changes.

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