Traxxas Raptor R Is A Tough Mini Off-Roader For Those Who Can’t Afford The Real Thing

The mini Raptor R can be had in five different configurations depending on the skill level. The entry-level variant can travel up to 35+ mph, with the other variants slowly ramping from 40 to 45 mph. These come with various battery pack options, with the lower variants getting a 7-Cell NiMH pack, while the higher models get a 2s LiPo or a 3s LiPo pack. These higher variants can travel above 45+ mph, while the top-spec model can travel above 60 mph.

Traxxas also offers several charging options with the entry-level four-amp unit, the mid-tier 12-amp unit with Bluetooth, and the dual charger with four- and eight-amp options. While it is not as powerful as the Ferrari Purosangue-challenging Raptor R, the little RC is still quite potent in its own right, reaching high speeds in a small package.

The Traxxas Ford Raptor R RC off-roader is priced at $529.95, making it vastly more affordable than the F-150 Raptor R’s circa-six-figure price tag.

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